Arjun arrived at Bethany Home in 2006. His father deserted the family and re-married in a distant place, cutting all links with his children. His family is part of the Dalit, or untouchable caste, treated very badly by much of Indian society. His mother is illiterate and lives in very poor conditions with no running water or electricity. She works as a servant in a house and occasionally as a sweeper or a woodcutter.
Arjun and his sister Kavitha were forced to work as child labourers for 3 years, in order to earn enough to survive. Arjun worked As an errand boy. B.Joseph found these children and decided to take them into Bethany Home. He offered them a proper education and good living conditions.

Arjun has a fantastic sense of humour, and he is very kind and sweet. He is a little removed from the other children at the Home. Having been held back for three years, he has missed out on essential schooling, and has less opportunity to mix with children of his own age.