Sankar was born on 11th of July 2003, he has been at Bethany Home since 2009. He was originally brought to the Home by an old man who claimed that he was an orphan. He told the story that Sankar’s aunt could no longer care for him as she wanted to begin a family of her own. He even had a letter of recommendation requesting a home for Sankar who seemed to be stranded. One year later, B. Joseph discovered that Sankar’s mother is in fact still alive and had been tricked by the old man (a family friend) into paying him 500 Rs a month to keep Sankar at Bethany Home. B. Joseph explained that the Home is completely free for the children as it is a charitable shelter. The deceitful man has since disappeared. Sankar’s father’s whereabouts are unknown, and his mother works in a sugarcane factory. She lives 6 hours away from the Home and so only visits her son every three months.

Sankar is smiley and full of warmth. He loves to dance and sing with his friends. Sankar is a particularly bright student. He has excellent grades (often 100%), and will be sent to an English Medium School from next June.