Kavitha was born on the 8th of May 1994, she arrived at Bethany Home in 2006. Her father deserted the family and re-married in a distant place, cutting all links with his children. Her family is part of the Dalit, or untouchable caste, treated very badly by much of Indian society. Her mother is illiterate and lives in very poor conditions with no running water or electricity. She works as a servant in a house and occasionally as a sweeper or a woodcutter.

Kavitha and her brother Arjun were forced to work as child labourers for 3 years, in order to earn enough to survive. Kavitha worked as a servant in a wealthy household. B.Joseph found these children and decided to take them into Bethany Home. He offered them a proper education and good living conditions. However, Kavitha and her brother missed 3 years of school, and so are far behind in their studies.

Kavitha is a very affectionate, gentle girl. As the oldest, she takes particular care of her siblings and friends and always makes sure the home is clean, that the food has been prepared and that everyone is contented.