Rama Chandiran and Velu Chami

Rama was born on the 17th of June 2003, he has been at Bethany Home since 2009. Velu Chami was born on 30th of April 2001, he arrived at the home in 2007. Both parents are present but work as basic labourers. They have extremely low wages, and live in very poor conditions. Unable to pay for their sons’ education and living costs, a family friend of theirs (a local school teacher working near Bethany Home) brought the boys to B. Joseph, who took them in immediately. Their parents visit on average once a month.

Rama is among the youngest at Bethany Home. Despite this, he enjoys the other childrens’ company. He has an eager sense of humour and is very attached to his brother, Velu.

Velu is particularly bright and is always eager to learn new things and discover new games.