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Bethany Home
currently takes in poor children irrespective of religion, community and so on
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Jess & Sarah Letter

From the 1st of February 2011, Jessica Orban and Sarah Anne Burgess have been the grateful guests of Mr Joseph Benziger at Bethany Home, Madurai.

We recognize the great effort and sacrifice which Mr Benziger has made, and continues to make on a daily basis in order to provide his children with the best opportunities for their futures. We have had the great privilege of witnessing the childrens’ joy, and in understanding the great extent to which Bethany Home is helping them and their families.

However, Bethany Home is in great need of extra help and support, so that it may continue to run and take in disadvantaged children. We hope with all our hearts that such efforts and help may continue to take place, and that many more childrens’ lives may be changed for the better.

Jessica and Sarah


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